In both large metropolitan and rural areas, HVAC Technicians and HVAC Tech are often sent from locale to locale to deliver high-quality care to all kinds of homes and businesses. With diligent work and constant on-call demands, pipelining new leads or sales opportunities to the right individuals through maintenance companies can be difficult.

Finding Mobile CRM software that integrates Sales Tools for HVAC is crucial for continued success in the field. Being able to quickly and intuitively jot down or record audio notes, geotag leads, and pass new opportunities for business over to the sales team is as simple as pressing a button. Beyond these sales tools, Wingmate is advantageous Mobile CRM for HVAC for the following reasons:


1. On-Site Reporting
Capture employee referrals, safety issues, service deficiencies, customer complaints, cross-sell opportunities, and more. Putting easy-to-use tools in the hands of your hard-working staff means less time wasted, less paper lost, and more leads in the pipeline. Your CRM should be streamlined and accessible from the app to the dashboard on the back end.


2. Snap, Track, Act.
These three simple words are the ethos of the Wingmate advantage. Through intuitive tools such as photo and voice memos, leads are “snapped” in the field to be quickly uploaded. They are “tracked” by the apps pipelining tools, from where a salesperson can quickly “act” and bring the lead in for investigation or onboarding. All from one simple app!


3. Real-Time Tracking
The Wingmate advantage extends out of the field, too. Everyone on the team can collaborate on new business, from field staff to sales managers. Keep your lead generators updated by allowing them to track the status of their contributions within the app. Performance tracking and in-depth analytics will enable you to track the success of campaigns and staff with ease. Turn field staff into sellers!


4. Seamless Rewards
Set targets and reward employees effortlessly. When a technician in the field spots and uploads a lead, a sales member can instantly pick up where they left off. This streamlining brings operations and sales together in ways that reward employee engagement. This turns into more rewards for top performers, encouraging further lead development! Everyone is included and rewarded in the process.


5. Integrated With Other CRMs
Is your business committed to another CRM? That’s no problem. Wingmate integrates with over 500 other CRMs so that leads from your field staff can go swiftly and directly to your dashboard. Intuitive UX means no lengthy training period, and on-demand training is available to ensure everyone on your team starts on the right foot.


With Wingmate, HVAC tech service teams can send in sales leads from their day-to-day. Wingmate as a sales tool for HVAC allows field staff to excel in their internal reporting and for businesses to launch field staff sales campaigns, spot competitive intelligence, report equipment, customer or safety issues, and more.

Chat with us today about setting up a demo and get started on turning field teams into sales generators.

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