Marketing Manager

Location: toronto,Canada

Wingmate develops technology that provides a business’ front line employees with an easy-to-use mobile platform from which they can capture timely revenue opportunities in the field.

Our platform helps organizations out-team the competition by engaging ALL staff to drive new sales, streamline service & communicate in real-time.

Wingmate is based out of Toronto, Canada is cash flow positive and growing rapidly.

Job Description

Wingmate is seeking a bright, driven, and passionate Marketing Manager to drive inbound leads, brand awareness and top-line growth in North America.

As Marketing Manager, you are expected to have at least 3 years of experience in B2B Marketing.  Comfort building and executing on a combination of guerilla marketing, paid-marketing, and traditional organic will be necessary to ensure success. We’re looking for someone who can build a brilliant strategy, and then willing to roll up the sleeves to do the “dirty” work to execute on it.

Key Responsibilities

Outbound Strategy

  • Direct Messaging – Linkedin Automation
  • Copywriting – working with agency’s
  • Audience Selection
  • Funnel Management (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, MQL Generation)

Inbound Strategy:

  • SEO – Website
  • Blogs
  • Backlinks agency

Brand Development:

  • Webinars
  • Events (in-person)
  • Influencer Reach Out
  • Social Groups
  • Experiential Campaigns
  • Testimonials/Case Studies
  • PR
  • Medium, LinkedIn Posts, Video Content
  • Partnerships
  • ServiceCouncil, CSC, FoundersBeta


  • MQLs to BDRs
    Manage all funnels and move to Hubspot.
  • Organize all leads, set deals, tasks for BDRs, and manage follow-up marketing automation.
  • Social Accounts: Prioritize LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Capterra,
  • Intro Calls demo booking – Note-taking and deal creation.
  • Audience Targetting:
    Find all relevant prospects using Zoominfo & LinkedIn, make sure to use exclusion tags for current customers for both.
  • Post Comparison Blogs

Recommended TechStack Experience:

  • Hubspot (Marketing automation and sales management)
  • Zoominfo (Targeting, Audience selection)
  • (Email Automation)
  • WordPress/Divi (Website)
  • Google Analytics (All marketing – tracking)
  • Google Tag Manager (Goals/conversion tracking)
  • (Internal/Current Customer – Email automation)
  • Vidyard (Video hosting for all DMs)
  • Loom (Same as Vidyard, but used for email marketing)
  • Buffer (Social Media Posting)
  • Haro (Free PR platform)
  • Medium (Blog posting, for SEO)
  • Skrapp (Used to scrape contacts from LinkedIn, download the plugin)
  • Google Ads, Search Console (For SEO, and outbound Ads – Youtube/Google Search)
  • Artboard Studio (All images of the phone, CRM, etc.)
  • Facebook Ads Manager (Manage all Facebook & Instagram Ads)
  • PhantomBuster (convert LinkedIn Contacts for DM and email)
  • Ahrefs, Semrush, Neil Patel (All SEO Research)
  • LeadPages (Landing pages for PA Strategy)
  • Calendly (Automatic calendar booking)

Social Channels:
Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium


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