Fix Up Toronto

Fix Up Toronto

A way to come together and keep cities connected and beautiful.

Fix Up TO aims to mobilize citizens and city workers from their home cities to make it a better and cleaner place to live. Wingmate is a technology platform that lets users take geo-tagged photos in real-time and send these photos directly to an aggregated database. Using the Wingmate app, city workers and citizens around Toronto generate data regarding infrastructure issues around the city (e.g. Broken street signs, Potholes, Graffiti, etc.). All the data is organized and available for action by the city in real time.

See Exactly How Wingmate Can Benefit a City

Rally the masses

An innovative way to rally the community behind a worthy initiative, maintaining and improving our beautiful city! Given the world’s growing, ever-connected and tech-savvy population.

Connect the community

Create a two-way conversation with your citizens. People are updated on their lead instantly and get status updates from the city in real time. An initiative like this really brings a city together while strengthening the community.

Clean up the city in real time

Unleash the eyes and minds of your citizens. Whenever they see an infrastructure issue, they can snap a quick picture, it gets geotagged and submitted instantly for the city to act on in real time.

“Our role is not to fight the future. It is to be the future”– John Tory