Fix Up Toronto

Fix Up Toronto

A campaign to keep cities clean, connected and beautiful.

Fix Up TO mobilizes citizens and city workers to report back issues on the streets, contributing to better and cleaner place to live. Wingmate is an app that lets citizens take geotagged photos and videos in real-time and send these photos instantly to the city (aggregated database). Using the Wingmate app, anyone with a smartphone can capture intel regarding infrastructure issues around the city (e.g. Broken street signs, Potholes, Graffiti, Illegally parked cars, etc.). The best part is that users are incentivized and get updates on their contributions all through the app.

Wingmate is the new 311

Connect the community


Create a two-way conversation with your citizens. People are updated on their contributions instantly and get status updates as things progress from the city in real-time. Best of all, users can earn rewards and cash all through the app.

Clean up the city in real-time


Unleash the eyes and minds of your citizens. Whenever they see an issue, they can snap a quick picture, it gets geotagged, tracked down to the minute and submitted instantly for the city to act on in real-time.

Rally the masses


An innovative way to rally the community behind a worthy initiative, maintaining and improving our beautiful city! Given the world’s growing, ever-connected and tech-savvy population.

“Our role is not to fight the future. It is to be the future”- John Tory