It sounds like a trick question, doesn’t it? But, the truth is, it’s 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. So let’s discuss how to retain your existing customers and avoid turnover by implementing a field service app.


When it comes to meeting your customer’s needs, it starts with defining what those are. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-and-done task, your customer’s needs & wants are constantly changing every day, and businesses need to update and execute their offering to keep up. This is easier said than done.


After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. –


Where to begin? 

As your company grows, your client list should evolve with it. To retain AND acquire new clients, you must establish a way to identify your client’s changing needs and a way to deliver your value better than the competition.


At Wingmate, since the birth of our technology, we’ve developed our offering to accomplish that very goal. Looking back at how our solution has changed, it has constantly evolved to meet the needs of our customers and deliver what they value most. From a Simple CRM to a field service app.

Initially, Wingmate was a driver lead capture app for new business opportunities. But, it has now developed an equally important function of allowing service reps to report back any deficiencies or feedback from their customers. We have found that our users want to grow by acquiring new customers and further develop the efficiency and execution of their operation on the frontline for their current clients.

Now, we ask the question; Why do your clients work with you over your competitors? And, what could you do to further that advantage and customer satisfaction? Can you accomplish all this while increasing revenue and saving time? Yes, with a field service app.


Traditionally, many companies go the route of surveys or inbound calls to understand their customer’s satisfaction better. It’s a REACTIVE APPROACH. These methods have worked for years. However, I’ve experienced one small issue…outdated or irrelevant insights. Switch to PROACTIVE. To effectively increase your value proposition, you must capture deficiencies and execute your solution to the problem immediately. This is hard to do with a monthly check-up call or waiting for customers to call you.


Try Wingmate. We’ve developed our product, rooting from the idea of connecting your frontline staff (i.e., drivers, reps, Technicians, CSRs, routes, Couriers) to your team at the office, for not only capturing opportunities but also making a note of any service issues or customer requests.

Intel is then discovered and acted on by your team at the office immediately.


The keyword here is “immediately.” When you give your staff, who are constantly meeting with your clients, the ability to communicate back and forth regarding improvements, you’ll continually be improving your offering, saving time, and growing profit margins. You won’t have to guess which area of your operation should be prioritized; you will have a roadmap to your end goal.


Not only that, but how are your competitors supposed to compete with your offering that is constantly improving to meet the needs of your clients, moreover adding revenue and saving headache?


They can’t compete.


Let’s implement! You have drivers making deliveries, service calls, pick-ups, etc. These employees are already on-site meeting with your customer face-to-face – a perfect opportunity to find out if anything is missing from their perspective. Your frontline also has the most rapport with your customer.


Here is where the gap occurs. Your frontline is given this information, but it could be hours before that intel is given to your staff at the office or if it was even delivered? On top of that, how do you even know that tip was acted on in a timely manner by your team? What gets measured gets done. 

Wingmate’s tool was built simple and to streamline communication in real-time across your entire organization. Connecting these dots enables your crew to see the progress of their tips while holding your team at the office accountable for acting on this intel.


Giving your people in the field a voice to always answer your customer’s needs and act proactively on them creates the ultimate service business.


An intuitive tool like Wingmate, built for your people on the go, immediately connects your staff while streamlining all intel for those tracking it. Now, any employee, from owner to driver in the field, has a breakdown of what’s needed to keep your clients happy, find new clients, and allow you to be an industry leader.

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