Wingmate, designed for better intel and a more effective team.

Our platform was built on four key pillars: Communication, Efficiency, Motivation and Oversight. Request a demo, and a customer success rep will show you our solution in action.

Everything your people need to contribute is now in the palm of their hands.

People hate clunky systems and filling out referral forms that get forgotten. Our app was made easy and engaging for people on the go. Even the most lacklustre team members will learn to contribute. In fact, many companies are using our app as a retention tool for their employees and customer network. 

Capture warm leads in under 10 seconds.

Users can snap valuable intelligence and route it where it needs to go in seconds. A photo, voice note or description with the address automatically included (geo-coded). Simpler than sending a text – It does not get easier than this.

Seamlessly appreciate your people.

Incentives and contests help build positive habits. Engage users with trackable rewards in the app that show up in real-time as deals close. Set targets and bonus your top performers. Even have your own gratifying and customizable reward structure with Wingmate Pro.

Create a synergy between teams.

Allow your frontline to share the victory of new business. Now every user can communicate back in real-time with sales from capture to close. Also, keep your lead-generators in the loop by allowing them to track the status of all their contributions right in the app – the beginning of a stronger and more loyal team.

Proven programs delivered right.

We help you build a custom program that’s high-impact for your business, then share it live in the app. Let your lead generators know precisely what to send and what’s in it for them all accessible in the palm of their hands.

There are lots of opportunities out there, and an influx of leads can be intimidating for some companies. Our lead management dashboard gives you unprecedented oversight into your program. Intel comes in hot and is routed instantly, so sales/service can get to work in seconds. Need sales resources? We can help with that too.

Notifications & Engagement

Keep the whole team engaged with notifications and engagement at all the right touch points.

Reports & Analytics

Measure things like team performance, conversion, and ROI to gain valuable insights in real-time.

Rewards & Payout Tracking

Create a custom reward structure at each stage of the sales cycle. When it's time to pay, we'll handle everything. Want extra incentives, ask us about Wingmate pro.

Instant Communication

Communication between departments allows teammates to share information and work together efficiently.

Lead Management

Manage your intelligence effectively. Assign, action and track all your leads with reminders and task management.

Custom Program & Integrations

Build an impactful program, customize and refine it as you go. Also, need integration? We can help.

Quick and easy to launch, let us do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have too.

1. Reach out

Our team is here to support you. Reach out and we'll answer any questions you may have.

2. Create Program

We craft a best practice program for your business and fast – based on 20 years of frontline psychology.

3. Launch

We will onboard your people and launch your program to start things off with momentum. Believe us when we tell you - it's doesn't get easier.