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Service Experts Commercial HVAC is a leading provider of commercial HVAC services across North America.

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Service Experts Commercial Summary & Strategy

Service Experts GTA Commercial, a division of Enercare Canada offering HVAC services in Toronto and throughout Canada, struggled to manage leads and opportunities.

One of the key reasons was the lack of a CRM to track customers and jobs, which hindered the business’s sales growth‚ÄĒit had no way to see where prospects were in the sales pipeline and when action or follow-up was required.

As they saw many competitors adopting a CRM, it was increasingly obvious that Service Experts Commercial needed to do the same, or they risked losing sales opportunities.

After evaluating several options, including ACT! Service Experts chose Wingmate because of its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and unique approach to involving technicians in the sales process.

Service Experts needed a tool to be the source of truth for all business processes, and Wingmate was the ideal CRM to create new opportunities and manage quotes, spiffs, ongoing jobs, and safety forms. It simplified the tedious task of managing operations.

The onboarding process took less than two weeks and two calls to complete.

It was as simple as clicking a link and signing up. It took less than a day for their pipelines to be customized. As a result, sales teams and technicians could instantly add leads to the lead reporting app.

The sales team now had a platform to view all prospects within their sales and service pipeline. Not to mention, they had an abundance of leads being supplied to them from outside sales reps and technicians.

To increase the platform’s effectiveness, the team got a dedicated inside sales rep who became an extension of their team to qualify leads and set appointments. In less than a month, Service Experts became sales experts and were selling as a team.

Powered by Wingmate’s lead reporting app, Simple CRM, and inside sales support, Service Experts improved their lead management, qualification, and deal-closing process.

To date, it has captured over 5,000 leads, closed more than $2 million in new business, and saved the sales team A LOT of time.

Service Experts’ sales team and technicians are active participants in capturing leads, which has seen a 95% acceptance rate and generated 350 deals closed, significantly boosting sales performance and allowing for Service Experts Commercial to be more organized and transparent throughout their sales processes.

“From my standpoint as a manager, Wingmate made a lot of sense and made my job easier, and I didn’t have to worry about what my sales staff was up to. I could actually physically see it. In saying that Wingmate has made the whole process of moving any kind of information throughout our company a team sport. “

John Mills

General Manager, Service Experts Commercial HVAC

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