RenoRun earns $1 mm in revenue in first 9 months.

RenoRun is an international delivery service providing construction or building sites with all necessary materials.Ā 

Summary & Strategy for RenoRun

RenoRun was looking for a partner to expand their business and increase alignment between their on-site drivers and sales. With Wingmate’s lead generator program and our simple CRM, RenoRun was able to accomplish both goals. Their drivers were able to send and report back intel from visiting sites while also tracking their leads’ status. Our lead program app is built for drivers on the move who are constantly visiting new sites and need a straightforward and effective method of capturing intel. In combination with our CRM, RenoRun implemented a new way of expanding sales while rewarding their drivers. As leads started to come in, RenoRun took advantage of our inside-sales support, where our reps followed-up on leads, moved them through their sales pipeline and closed.

Results for RenoRun

  • Alignment between sales staff and in-field operators.
  • A drastic increase in sales from pipeline managers – Inside Sales Support.
  • Greater company pride and culture, where operating drivers were recognized for their immense contribution to the company’s sales expansion.

“Wingmate has been a huge part of our journey. From energizing our frontline team, hitting our customer acquisition goals, and growing our sales team with help from their PMs, especially Eric H. (Wingmate).Ā  The ability to scale our sales efforts with Wingmate has been truly amazing. I’m incredibly impressed with their team, the Wingmate product, and most of all, the results! I would highly recommend Wingmate to any company looking to scale up their operation.”

Andrew Riachi

Head of Sales Operations, RenoRun

Sales Revenue (First 4-months)

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