ORCA develops new business partners while growing employee potential

ORCAĀ develops, manufactures and markets a food waste solution, which consists of a machine that sustainably processes food waste.

Orca’s Summary & Strategy

To help increase warm leads, and speed up the sales cycle, ORCA rolled out a Wingmate campaign to the whole organization. They also created a partnership program with other companies to refer them leads.

Orca’s Results

  • Communication across the whole organization was strengthened.
  • Quicker turnaround from lead generation to lead conversion.
  • Successful integration with Salesforce
  • Set performance goals we met and measured.


“The Wingmate campaign at ORCA truly opened our eyes to the potential we had on the frontline. The ability to set goals and measure this potential makes the platform very special.”

Spiro Frangos

Senior Vice President, Orca

In New Business Contract (First 2 Months)


Increase in Sales from Leads


Employee Engagement

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