Wingmate allows North Star Mats’ route reps to become an impactful part of their sales team

North Star Mat specializes in heavy-duty mats, facility services, and towel services based in Michigan, USA. 

North Star Mat’s Summary & Strategy 

North Star came to us wanting to include their route reps in growing sales and service. Our strategy became aligning their frontline staff’s efforts with our applications (Frontline Lead Generation, Simple CRM, and our Pipeline Managers) to make sure their leads were effectively acted on. We installed reward programs for each in-field staffer and rolled out the Wingmate Program. Alignment across departments is critical to remain efficient and increase the effectiveness of sales tactics. Our incentive strategy within the Wingmate Frontline Lead Program rewards frontline operators for sending invaluable intel from the field, resulting in new sales revenue for a fraction of the cost. Using Wingmate’s Lead Generator Program, North Star Mat utilized their frontline staff and drove lead creation back to their sales team. 

North Star Mat’s Results 

By implementing an incentivized lead program with your frontline staff (drivers, workers, technicians), we can drive organic lead generation through or Simple CRM application back to your in-house sales staff while enhancing transparency between both departments.

After rolling out the program, North Star earned;

  • RSRs could now contribute provide high-impact leads to the sales team
  • Communication improved between teams; management had full oversight
  • Faster sales engine – Average close time: 5 days
  • From the frontline to action by sales: 4 minutes

“Wingmate has allowed the opportunity for our route representatives to also become an impactful part of our sales team.”

Mike Williams

Sales Director, North Star Mat



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Employee Engagement (within 2 Weeks)

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