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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of software that focuses on developing and optimizing a company’s interactions with its customers or prospects. A CRM is composed of a set of systems that makes it customizable to meet the necessary functions for teams. A CRM is a tool usually used in customer support, sales analysis, marketing campaign management, and sales force management. Customer relationship management tools were first created in 1980 with the appearance of informatics. They then evolved through the years with the creation of the internet until our day and age, where they are still growing.

What is Copper?

Copper is a CRM software that fully integrates the Google Workspace suite of tools. Due to its natural merger with Gmail, all your contact information can be transferred to the software. These pieces of information include contact details, history data, and many more. Copper allows you to get automatic access to these data without entering data for sales generations, offering time savings and reducing repetitive tasks.

Copper CRM Overbuilt dashboard

What’s Wingmate?

Wingmate is a simple yet powerful CRM for commercial services businesses that keep them focused on closing deals instead of data entry. It allows you to have better visibility on your entire pipeline and make more space in your schedule. Wingmate is also a management tool that helps capture and manage opportunities on the go right from your mobile device anywhere you are.

Dynamic view of the lead capture app in action on the dashboard

What do managers look for in a CRM or Field Service Tech?

When managers turn to a CRM or a field service tech, they are usually looking for an easy way to monitor and optimize their activity. The CRM presents a dashboard gathering multiple data and information on the customer relationship and the activity state. It allows you to keep a constant eye on your activity and to circulate information quickly between the different departments. In real-time, you will be able to adapt the activity and the measures to be set up to answer the customers’ needs promptly.¬†

Another reason why managers like using a CRM is that it provides better identification of opportunities. Customer knowledge is the basis of marketing and sales campaigns. Thanks to the masses of information gathered in the CRM, the various departments in charge of customer relations can more easily analyze needs and identify opportunities. This knowledge and understanding of the customer is an undeniable asset for adapting production and campaigns and capturing a new market.

An important aspect of CRM is its ability to help set up proactive strategies. The different CRM functionalities will allow you to obtain more relevant performance indicators to implement a proactive strategy. The objective here is to anticipate customer expectations and offer them the products that will best suit them. With this software, you can better manage your sales force and adapt to the market in real-time.

When we talk about CRM or field service tech, one of the first aspects that pop up is collaboration. Having a data platform accessible by all departments will improve the internal circulation of information and therefore increase productivity. In addition to this improvement, your teams will be more satisfied.

What growth can you expect from Copper or Wingmate?

Key Features of Wingmate:

  1. Entire pipeline visualization
  2. Opportunities tracking
  3. Lead mapping

Key Features of Copper: 

  1. Channel Management
  2. Client Tracking
  3. Collaboration Tools

field reporting app for all staff

Final Thoughts

The purpose of a CRM is to keep you organized while maximizing efficiency. Both Copper and Wingmate are great tools that help you optimize your marketing and sales processes. While Copper is solely based on Google Workspace suite of tools, Wingmate gives you all the basic functionalities of a powerful CRM with on-field features.

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